Why I’m Running for Re-Election

By Lakshmi Kode Sammarco

Integrity, excellence, and innovation aren’t just some inspiring words I thought would look good on my campaign signs. They are my personal motto, the three words that compel me to continue pushing for improvements to the Coroner’s Office – many of which are already underway.

As Coroner, I have seen firsthand the tremendous challenges facing the people of Hamilton County. I’ve seen too many families devastated by poverty, want, neglect, and abuse – terrible blights that damage the very integrity of our community. I’ve seen too many families destroyed by a great evil of opiate addiction, which stalks our streets and threatens our city’s quest for excellence.

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I have also come to love and respect the many wonderful and law-abiding people who call the Tri-State region home. My goal is to create a center of excellence for criminal science and investigation that can not only better serve our county, but also set a high standard for other facilities around the nation. This effort will lead to a new level of safety for all of us, along with new economies of scale as crime-fighting services are shared between agencies, not needlessly duplicated.
The key is innovation – finding new ways to use cutting-edge technology and forensic science to save lives, prevent crimes, and even help stop terrorist attacks before they happen. Modern DNA and drug testing can exonerate the innocent and convict the guilty. We must stay the course, for our own sake and for the sake of future generations.

In short, my work here is not done. In my first term in office, we’ve started a great journey together – to reequip the Coroner’s Office and reposition it as a true regional law enforcement campus. Anyone who knows me will tell you that when I start something, I fully intend to see it through. If you will vote to return me to office, that’s exactly what I will do.





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